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Here at there is nothing we like more than helping to get groms (young surfers), onto the water and into surfing. The Volt is normally an adult, entry-level suit, but Xterra has sized it down for kids. A wetsuit is completely useless against the cold if the fit is not right. The first selection criterion when choosing a surfing wetsuit is the water temperature. Neoprene Fabric Boys Wesuit - 2.5mm neoprene fabric Perfect wetsuit material as it retains your body heat but also allows freedom of movement.

Baby Wetsuit - Shorty Wetsuit - Baby girl wetsuit. The Torpedo from Blueseventy is a great all-around kids wetsuit. We are the children's wetsuits specialists and have a collection of wetsuits suitable for every age, ability, budget and shape. The suit is designed with full length legs and long sleeves for a covered fit, with adjustable ankle fastenings.

From true-fit swimwear, goggles and caps, to fun, colorful apparel, our TYR Kids collection provides pint sized athletes with everything they need to make a splash. Shop for great value kids wetsuits and childrens wetsuits in both shorty and full length and at fantastic prices and quality materials.

There can be a lot to think about when it comes to choosing your first few wetsuits, first and foremost, how will you get into them? I have looked at Kids Warma suits made by Konfidence - it has no sleeves and short legs. Swimming wetsuit. "He has skinny wrists and ankles and this is a good fit and keeps him warm in the water" - By Susan H.

If renting, many local sporting goods shops will carry kids wetsuits for rental. Knowing that children come in all different sizes, we would consider the torpedo for kids as young as 6 and as old as 14… but above 12 they are likely getting close to being able to use an adult small size.

Mares Aquazone Scout Junior 2.2mm Shorty Wetsuit with Front Zip. You'll have peace of mind, too, as not only will they be protected from chilly winds and cooler waters, but the neoprene fabric provides 100% UV protection and the bright designs lets you keep an eye on them as they ride the waves.

If you need any help in choosing a kids wetsuit, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 01723 867919. Warmth for the price of a swimsuit! A child's wetsuit will work here too. This wetsuit has flat lock seams and a durable zipper that can withstand the pulling and tugging from kids.

NeoSport is the leader in affordable wetsuits for kids, and this Junior Premium Shorty has a nice adjustable collar that ensures that the fit won't be too snug. Our clean graphics and sharp style lines make our kids wetsuits the best in the industry! If the wetsuit infant is too loose, too much water will be flowing through the space between the suit and the surface of the skin and it will be ineffective in keeping your child warm.

This is the effect that the best technology offers, and it's a sure way to keep your kids warm no matter what water adventure you choose. If your child is swimming and running around in the water and just plain being a kid, and the water temperature is in the high 70's or so, shorty suits would probably be the best choice.

The suits are very a very snug fit, but they are meant to be tight - fabulous value and really good quality. Do note that wetsuits tend to stretch with use, so do not get one that is too loose initially. Wetsuits for kids included in this wiki include the layatone shorty, hisea one piece, ivation 3mm, realon spring, hyperflex children's access, youth reactor fullsuit, reactor shorty, seavenger premium, and reactor toddler.