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  • Bursitis Foot Pad
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    • MUDWiley128807434
    • 2017.10.04
    • Overview Retrocalcaneal bursitis most commonly occurs as s result of repetitive activity that encourages the calf muscles to tighten and shorten from overuse, like repetitively wearing high heels, runn...
  • Cure Leg Length Discrepancy With Shoe Lifts
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    • MaikRuckman00720
    • 2017.10.03
    • There are two different kinds of leg length discrepancies, congenital and acquired. Congenital implies that you are born with it. One leg is structurally shorter compared to the other. Through developm...
  • Heel Pain
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    • JeremyCreech14098277
    • 2017.09.26
    • Overview One of the most common foot problems seen by physicians is heel pain. Heel pain that occurs in adult patients is most commonly caused by a condition known as plantar fasciitis. This condition ...
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