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  • Diagnosing Overpronation Of The Foot
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    • Nelly08328531033259
    • 2017.10.06
    • Overview Overpronation is a term that gets thrown around a lot by psuedo-experts and there is so much written online about it, that it can get very confusing to determine what is legitimate and what is...
  • What Causes Heel Pains
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    • Sophia59F351919542
    • 2017.09.27
    • Overview Heel pain accounts for one of the most common types of pain felt in the foot. Pain in the heel of the foot can be caused as a result of exercise, daily work routines or recreational activities...
  • How To Treat Achilles Tendon Strain
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    • NataliaHueber912842
    • 2017.09.26
    • Overview Achilles tendinitis is an overuse injury common in many sports that require lots of running and jumping. Once this condition becomes more chronic adhesions that form along the tissues and the ...
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