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I just received my current issue of Home Business Connection, a monthly magazine about opportunities to start your own business. They have such headlines as:

- $213,000 in 31 days...

- Make Pile$ of Ca$h in your first 30 days...
- $600 a Day!....
- True Confessions of a 6-figure a Month earner....
- What Do You Really Need to Make $10,000 a Month?....
- You Could Easily Earn $5000-$10,000+ Every Month....
- Make $3000 per week...
- A Million Dollar Formula That Works For Anyone....

To name just a few. Can you really make that kind of money? Are they true, or are they lying? Or maybe just stretching it a little bit. In the research I've done on biz ops and MLM deals, I would say 1% or 2% possibly could do it. But I'll bet my bottom dollar that the vast majority of us couldn't come close to that kind of money.

I did a google search on some of these and found several with numerous complaints about them being scams, crooked, thieves and many other names. Some of them are listed in the ripoff report online as outright scams.

So as you read these full page ads, and start to visualize yourself as a millionaire and buying that new Lexus or Mercedes, and sailing on your yacht and living in that plush mansion, before you reach for your credit card, do a little research.

How legit are they? Check with the FTC, BBB, do a google search on name of company and of the product. Then you are at least able to make an intelligent decision. If you still want to gamble on it, then you go in with both eyes open. Some advice though if you plan to go ahead.

Use your credit card. You have some (but limited) protection here. You might want to check with your credit card company (the number on back of the card). Don't use your checking account or a debit card. You have no protection here. Once a check has cleared, it's gone.

Please don't misunderstand. Some of these are probably legit. It takes a lot of money to pay for a full page color ad. The magazine does not guarantee anything. And probably does not even check them out. The magazine is in business to make money, and will accept most any advertisement as long as it's paid for.

One thing to watch for, is how much information do they give you about themselves. Any legit ad should have a phone number, email address, website and postal mailing address. Beware of one I recently received in the mail.

A full color brochure, with no phone, no email, no website. Only a PO Box so you could mail your payment. And, they didn't take credit cards or personal checks. Money orders or cash only. That should be a big tipoff that it's a scam. Especially when it makes outrageous promises and deals.
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