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LCD signage

2014.03.05 02:19

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The technique in which messages and content exhibited on electronic screen can be altered without any change in physical sign. Digital advertisement may be displayed on plasma display panels or LCD, projection screens or projection screens. Liquid Crystal Display or LCD signage is a better option as compared to displaying on the printed designs as they offer better returns on investment.
The content of LCD signage can be controlled and changed with the help of the Internet. The content that can be displayed on the LCD signage is full-motion video and simple text. Since advertisements, informational matter and entertainment content is provided on the LCD signage, they are considered equivalent to television. Other features provided by LCD signage are,
?Brand Building

LCD signage is now a part of store decoration. It provides the viewer information about the product sold at the store.


At eating outlets, airports and railway stations you can find this signage.

improves Customer Experience

For example, people waiting for their turn at eating outlets are provided constant updates by LCD signage. Influences Customers attitude It increases the service standards of post offices, restaurants and airports as they provide all the necessary information to the clients. It increases the quality of the service provided.


At many places companies like restaurants and airports, companies pay for advertising on the LCD signage. It is an effective and interesting way of promoting a product.

The demand of LCD signage has been constantly increasing because of its clear and enlarged view. Presently 42" LCD are in demand. Previously, 30" LCDs were much in demand. It delivers a large angle in excess of 175 degrees. Also, the response time is of 12ms, contrast of 500 cd/m2, crisp images that are good to look at.

Some of the companies manufacturing LCD signage are TM Display, Philips, Samsung Electronics and NEC. One can buy the product on the Internet after considering the requirement. It is advisable that you select a model only after reading the blogs as it gives a true feedback to the pros and cons of a product

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