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Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Upgrade and Outlast

2014.03.06 05:48

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Server providers of all types, small shops and big companies all have a reason to get excited and be ready to upgrade and expand. Microsoft has released its relational database server which uses primary query languages like the T-SQL and ANSI SQL. The SQL Server 2008 sports new features that can be relied upon, making management and data storage easier and more efficient. The improvement to the 2008 server extends to all database server facets giving providers better performance and manageability. Whether one manages an OLTP environment or an OLAP environment or even both, then one will surely find the SQL Server 2008 very competitive and top of the line.

The SQL Server 2008 is fitted with features like Change Data Capture and Lookup Cache; these will be popular with database providers who want to speed up the Extract, Transformation, and Load processes also known as ETL processes. Combined with the pipeline improvements in Integration Services it will enable the system and server to push data at a much faster rate. Features like data compression, PowerShell integration, and Policy-Based management will certainly introduce new and efficient ways to improve servers in OTLP or OLAP environments. Just remember that the features can help you in various ways all depending on the nature of the data in your table and how it is ordered.

These are just a few of the features to help improve database management services. The SQL Server 2008 has a whole lot more to offer its clientele. One can soon experience these improvements by grabbing a copy of the program at trustprice.com
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