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The Benefits of Becoming a Fan of FarmVille

2014.01.21 10:35

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If you play FarmVille, you've probably seen the little reminders and encouragements all over your game screen encouraging you to become a Fan of the application. It's pretty common for people to dismiss this as a silly undertaking, but more and further, there are some distinct advantages of becoming a Fan of FarmVille.

What it Means to Be a Fan

In order to become a Fan of FarmVille, all you have got to do is go to the official FarmVille page and click on the Become a Fan link. This will automatically add FarmVille to your list of Pages on your Profile, and will permit posts from the FarmVille page to show up in your Live Feed. This may sound like a hassle, but the posts that FarmVille puts up are no additional inconvenient than the dozens of some other FarmVille posts that your friends put up every day. And they're at least as helpful.

Tips and Info

These FarmVille posts mainly consist of updates about new features that may be added to the game quickly. There will additionally occasionally be links to some other sources of information, just like the weekly Podcasts, that can help to maintain you updated on the numerous new developments within the game and precisely how to properly take advantage of them. Furthermore, if you're a Fan of FarmVille, you'll know that any offers that you see for free specialty items or Farm Cash giveaways on some other sites are not officially sanctioned.

For Fans Only

There have also recently been some special advantages offered for Fans of FarmVille only. These features typically consist of an opportunity to try out a brand new crop or different feature before its released to the FarmVille population as a whole. Recent early access items include Super Pumpkins as well as the 24 x 24 land expansion. Not only are these special release items cool just to have access to, they are also in most cases further beneficial in a variety of ways than the items readily available to the general FarmVille population.

For example, Super Pumpkins, which FarmVille released to celebrate the fact that they had topped 15 million fans on their Facebook page, had a greater overall earnings and experience point profile than most different crops accessible within the game. This means that the Fans who had access to the Super Pumpkins for longer gained a much greater bonus than those players who weren't fans and had a shorter window for planting this crop.

Special Items

Being a Fan of FarmVille furthermore gives you the opportunity to send special gifts and to receive some other updates and data that players who aren't Fans are not privy to. You can even have FarmVille send you email updates to let you recognize when your crops are ready for harvesting so that you don't have got to worry about always keeping track of this yourself. As you can see, there actually is no cause not to become a Fan of FarmVille - you'll be capable of get ahead in the game without expending any extra effort. What could be better than that?
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