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Searching Manual Testing Experts Team?

2014.01.21 09:12

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Have you ever thought of launching a product in the market without being tested? Any successful business can never launch a product before testing it. Also think of the profit you might miss out, if your product is restricted to a single platform, as there are a lot of potential users in the market worldwide who would like to use your product but, they might not have a proper platform to access your product. Or think a situation when your application renders issues and end users face a lot of problem when they use it. How awkward it will be for you. Today there are many many competitors in the market having same line of product for end users. If the product users feel that your product is not a good one, they will reject it and search for similar ones in the market. One should remember once your product gets a bad feedback in the market, we will loose are esteemed clients and it is very difficult to regain them back. As a great saying “First impression lasts longer”, every product needs a good tester to verify its flaws and drawsback. Finding a good Offshore Testing Partner is not very easy these days. Every alternative offshore QA and Software testing company claims to be the best software testing provider in the market.
USA based Publishing Software Provider with its own in-house development group developed a publishing software which was easy to use and could run on various platforms. He wants to get his application tested outside from his organization. He searched many Manual Testing Experts Team and approached us to test his publishing product. Many Offshore Manual Testing service showed their interest to take the task but the vendor rejected when he discussed about the Testing process, in and out process and all. Then he interacted with Mindfire Solutions, 13 years old software Testing and IT service provider. He discussed with our testing expert team and understood the in-out processes we were following in the test life cycle. Like, how they do test plan, write test case, what all are Test Case Management Tools (TCMTs) we used in the projects, how they maintain complete test life cycle, what all are the Bug Tracking Systems (BTSs)we have used for other clients, how they generate daily test reports and all. Mindfire’s Offshore Testing Team experts, without any hesitation agreed to solve their issue.
Biggest challenge for Mindfire, Testing Experts Team was to test the publishing product, so that it would be functional across various platforms, which was a tedious task. Our Certified Software testers needed to check the functionality of the application across multiple platforms and various broswers, report if issues occur and also regularly track in order to avoid unusual issues as well as avoid duplicate errors. Our QA team delivers excellent records and gives best testing Services. We understand all robust applications stand tall only when it goes through a strict process of testing. And they deliver the best product to client.
To hire software testers or to know more about our Software testing practices, please contact us at sales at mindfiresolutions.comor call 1-248-686-1424. We will be glad to help you.
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