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Ahn Min-seok, chairman of the National Assembly's Sports and Tourism Committee, said on Sunday that he would push for the BTS's performance in Pyongyang, a global K-pop group, on Sunday, sparking protests from some fans. This is because it is "not to use the Bangtan cluster politically."

Ahn is the chairman of the main opposition Minjoo Party of Korea, who heads the special committee for inter-Korean cultural and sports cooperation. "We are going to push for BTS's performance in Pyongyang around next year," he said in a radio interview on the day. 

When asked about the possibility, Ahn said, "We will have to make every avenue as long as the two Koreas cooperate with each other without seeing the U.S. and its neighbors." "Please support the Bangtan band's performance in Pyongyang." 

As the remarks were made public, some of the anti-carbon fans and netizens criticized the ruling party for using entertainers according to the political purpose of a certain party. They argued that the purpose of the Bangtan band's performance in Pyongyang would be political. Some also pointed out that it was only in the days of authoritarianism for the political circle to bring celebrities in. 

However, it is known that Ahn's remarks are not yet in the concrete stage. This indicates that Samsung Electronics did not coordinate timing and method with its affiliates. 

A Democratic Party official told a media on the day that the remarks appeared to have been made as an idea to promote cultural exchanges. 

In September, when there was a controversy over the abolition of the special military service exemption for athletes, fans in the political circle tried to put the brakes on the issue. Ahn and Ha Tae-kyung, members of the Bareun Future Party, raised the issue of equity, saying, "Why can't we get a military exemption in the world?" 

However, fans expressed 사다리사이트 discomfort by saying, "Don't bring the anti-carbon group to the problem that the political circle should address." "The purpose of the plan was distorted by the argument for the exemption of the carbon-year-old military," Ahn said. "If there is any misfortune, I will accept all of the first to raise the issue."