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I have nothing to lose. "If you want to be salty, you must be salty." However, Jeon keeps his mouth shut when it comes to deciding on his own course. 

Rep. The night-long negotiations have also collapsed. Secretary-General Kim Yong-tae visited the former lawyer's office the night before to discuss the matter with outside members of the special committee, but the differences did not narrow. At 11:30 p.m., the negotiations seemed to end after a briefing by Secretary-General Kim Yong-tae, but Kim went back to the office to negotiate for another hour and a half. However, they did not reach an agreement there either. Kim Byung-joon, chairman of the committee, has only made a decision. 

According to Jeon, the reason for the committee's announcement before February is a single by-election on April 3 of the same year. That the committee should set up a new leadership before the by-elections is why it opposes the party convention in late June. Rep. Jeon said, The approval rating of the party is 10 percent. "What kind of by-election is it?"

Jeon said, "It is practically impossible to reshuffle the personnel at the party convention in February." "After 49 days of the party audit committee, he said, 'I will finish the party audit in 20 days'," said Professor Hwang Yoon-won, chairman of the party audit committee. "What would I do if someone who replaces the party committee and is fired filed a lawsuit?" 

He said, "I'm joking about giving you full powers, and that's why I've been boycotting it several times." "We received 253 resignations. "What is not relevant to the task of the special committee?" he said. "It is said that he is making a plan to build a power plan and that he defame and leave everything to himself. 

They also expected a collective backlash from lawmakers. It has been reported that the first-term lawmakers expressed their dissatisfaction with the former lawmaker at a meeting with Chairman Kim Byung-joon. He said, I purposely raised my objection to running in the dark. "I know how surprised they must have been to see the first-term lawmakers cutting them down." But I can`t help but float an ad balloon to make lawmakers nervous. "Former chairwoman Jeong Se-kyun also abandoned Mu Jin-jang (Muju, Jinan, and Jang-soo), a regional constituency, and went to Chongno to become the speaker of the National Assembly. Roh Moo-hyun, former president became president and ready for heomji. First-term lawmakers also have to run for tough times. 

However, Jeon said, 스포츠토토사이트추천 "Wait and see." "They all asked us to step down, but we`re not doing that," he said. If this happens, the party will have to face difficulties.