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The Eagle Scout application includes information about your Scouting career. Once the Scout Executive has signed the Eagle Scout application, the application will be certified and transmited to the National Office in Irving, Texas for processing. Standard BSA forms of all types can be found on the this page along with forms, applications and flyers that are specific to the Great Southwest Council.

Our aim is to make pertinent forms and information available at this site for the Eagle Scout candidate. Reference forms are available from your Scoutmaster or the Council Service Center. In the Chief Seattle Council the Registrar will forward your approved Eagle Application along with your statement to your District Eagle Advancement Chair who will schedule your Board of Review with you.

An Eagle Scout candidate, however, should confirm that any related instructions are correct and up to date. From time to time, beneficiaries unfamiliar with the Eagle Scout service project process may decline to approve a completed project even though it was helpful and had a positive impact.

Rare cases may require the Scout to mail, or courier his project to the board for approval. The Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Application must not be required to accompany the project proposal. 3). There are no specific requirements on how big the project must be or how many hours will be spent in carrying it out.

The Longhorn Council follows national procedures concerning the flow of paperwork and forms for the Eagle Project Workbook and the Eagle Scout Application. The Eagle kit may www.pinnaclespcllc.com not be purchased without the office processed copy of the advancement form. All requirements for the Eagle Scout rank, except the board of review, must be completed prior to the Scout's 18th birthday.

When reviewing the project for approval, the unit and district advancement committee is responsible for ensuring that the described project will allow the Eagle Scout candidate to demonstrate the proper level of leadership. His leadership in the project itself should be the primary basis for determining whether requirement 5 has been met.

Then he should be challenged to work on his planning action steps and to consider scheduling time with his Eagle Scout service project coach for progress reports and further guidance (see Eagle Scout Service Project Coach," ). It is advisable that one of these meetings with the coach be held after the Scout has done his planning and is ready to begin actual work on his project.

Locate all unit issued merit badge cards and rank cards that the Scout received at Courts of Honor. Except in extremely rare and extenuating circumstances, all the following 6 Eagle requirements MUST take place BEFORE the Scout's 18th birthday. In the Chief Seattle Council you may provide this statement directly to your Board of Review Chair and you are not required to submit it to the Council Office attached to your Eagle Application.

We've included a handy checklist for Scouts and parents to use when completing the Application form. Once verification is completed, the unit representative will be contacted by the council advising all documents are available for pick up. This will include the opportunity for a second opinion and approval, either through another volunteer or professional advancement administrator, or the Scout executive, as determined by the council advancement committee or executive board.

Upon acceptance approval for the district Eagle Scout board of review is granted and the complete packet is returned to the unit leader of record, who contacts either the District Advancement Chair or Eagle Board Chair to schedule a Board of Review. Any item not meeting national standards will cause the application to be returned for more information.

Work on a project, including planning, begins after the Life Scout board of review. The three month period after a Scout's eighteenth birthday is not extra time" for the scout to complete the project write up and application. Be sure to use the current edition of the Boy Scout Requirements book.