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Orthomolecular Medicine Respectful Insolence

2018.08.10 16:12

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Taking into account our modern life, one that is moving at a fast pace, working long hours in contaminated environments can make our physical and mental body age prematurely and cause the rise of free radicals in our blood. Orthomolecular medicine is defined as a health care system, where optimal amounts of body chemicals are used, to optimize conditions for self healing. The main problem for the orthomolecular therapist is to discover the optimum levels of certain nutrients to relieve symptoms, and restore and maintain health.

This book, written by two leading experts with more than eighty years of experience between them, explains the basics of orthomolecular nutrition: simple rules for eating a healthier diet and effective nutritional supplementation. The final ingredient to Pauling's interest appeared the next year, when Dr. Irwin Stone introduced Pauling to the potential health benefits of large doses of Vitamin C.

If nutrition were accepted by now into the mainstream of medical practice, there would be no need for a specialty of orthomolecular medicine. The doctor will often use either vitamin supplements or injections along with chelation therapy to correct these abnormalities.

Besides the fact that our foods are often stripped of vitamins and minerals, are also particularly toxic pesticides a major concern. For example, Vitamins C and B12 are widely used in orthomolecular medicine. Therapeutic doses of vitamins can be effective even without deficiency.

Instead of searching for a xenobiotic drug that will reverse the symptoms (but not the cause) of a disease, orthomolecular researchers study the body's biochemistry, looking for abnormalities that coincide with the presence of the disease. 1951 Vitamin D treatment is found to be effective against Hodgkin's disease (a cancer of the lymphatic system) and epithelioma.

Because of the potential for toxicity and other adverse nutritional effects, only veterinarians should prescribe orthomolecular therapy for animals. I read many books about orthomolecular medicine, intrigued by the work of Dr. Abram Hoffer, whose >30 books include Adventures in Psychiatry: The Scientific Memoirs of Dr. Abram Hoffer.

Therapeutic dosages of nutritional supplements, appropriate diet, and safe detoxification are the primary tools used in orthomolecular psychiatry to support the body's own ability to heal. Orthomolecular medicine also helps the patient to make a more informed understanding of the pollutant-laden environment and ended the processed foods that contain more nutrients.

A few situations exist in which high doses of vitamins are known to be beneficial, but they must still be used with caution because of potential toxicity. Often, our diet is not optimal and the metabolism becomes overloaded, that's why I shall give nutritional advice, if necessary.

The International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine Founded in 1994 by Carter and Hoff er, the ISOM serves as an umbrella for the existing Orthomolecular Medical societies in 19 countries, providing a network of communication and education through the website: Gert Schuitemaker, PhD, in the Netherlands served as president from 1999 - 2009, and Atsuo Yanagisawa, MD, in Tokyo, became the new President in April 2012.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) has drawn up maximum and minimum recommended doses for the guidance of the public. This results in insidious types of damage and may lead to diseases of aging such as cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Rather, the OM folks focus on such things as foods and diets that cause or prevent cancer, or megavitamin treatments to cure cancer or treat mental illness.

Amongst the individuals described posthumously as orthomolecularists are Max Gerson , who developed a diet that he claimed could treat diseases, which the American Medical Association's 1949 Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry found ineffective; 23 and the Shute brothers, who attempted to treat heart disease with vitamin E 24 Several concepts now cited by orthomolecularists, including individual biochemical variation 13 and inborn errors of metabolism , 21 25 26 debuted in scientific papers early in the 20th century.

A special granulated nutrient mixture consisting of vitamins, minerals and trace Calda Clinic elements is then made up for the patient and his condition, enabling targeted therapy. Dr. Hoffer asked Pauling to serve on its board of directors but Pauling declined, by then more interested in pursuing Vitamin C in the treatment of cancer and colds.