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X86 Tablet Install Win8 System

2018.06.07 14:46

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Classification of tablets (real tablet):

\u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; Do you know any difference between Windows 8 and Windows RT systems? \u0026nbsp;

\u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; The Windows RT tablet is positioned with the application as the core. Windows RT runs applications based on the AMR framework and competes with the iPad and Android tablet.

\u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; Regardless of Apple's IOS system, Android system, Windows RT system can not run X86-based .EXE program, popular point of view can be seen as a large-screen smart phone to cut off the call function, Or called '' smart tablet '', and the real sense of the Tablet PC, can be installed based on the X86 framework developed window7, or the latest development of windows8 'tablet PC' \u0026 rdquo;.

\u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; If your Android tablet, iPad, windows RT tablet system is broken, you can only return to the factory to clean the system; but if the windows 8 tablet system is broken, you can use the traditional PC computer system The way to install the system yourself! The following describes the system installation method of the following windows 8 tablet computer!


At present, most of this type of tablet is the Win7 system, although Win8 has been officially released, but from the current use of Win8, no one dared to launch a Win8 tablet, although the first start will occupy some opportunities, but in the end Whether it can be equated with the Win8 tablet is the most concerned and most worrying issue for each manufacturer.

Although Microsoft Surface RT has begun to sell, due to different architecture and Microsoft's special policy, we cannot repair it when it encounters a system crash, and can only be sent to the aftermarket for repair. However, the X86 architecture tablet is different. Because of the same underlying architecture, we can try to install the Win8 system on the X86 tablet and advance into the Win8 era. In fact, the method of installing the system on the X86-based tablet is the same as that on the computer, such as making and installing a U disk and installing using Win PE. For some technology gods, installing the system is as simple as eating, and installation patterns are endless, but for some computer whites it is not that simple.

In order to take care of the majority of friends who will not be installed, a relatively simple but easier way to use the U disk to install the system has been selected for the use of several of the commonly used installation methods, hoping to help everyone.

Use the tablet: ViewSonic ViewPad97i S1

The Tablet PC installed this time is a X86 tablet computer that ViewSonic has just launched recently. ViewPad97i S1 believes that the name of ViewSonic is not unfamiliar. Its performance on display devices is obvious to all. The products of ViewSonic in the tablet industry are based on the X86-based tablet. With the arrival of Win8, the X86-based tablet is also becoming more and more popular.


Front view of the ViewPad97i S1

The ViewPad 97i S1 is equipped with a 9.7-inch resolution 1024\u0026times; 768 high-resolution full-view IPS colorful screen, using the world's leading IPS hard screen technology, not only to make the color display more uniform and more accurate, but also make the dynamic display more effective It is clear and stable, with characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, high hardness, full viewing angle, etc. At the same time, it adopts the industry's most advanced multi-point capacitive touch technology, which ensures accurate positioning and rapid response, and can satisfy all kinds of office and entertainment needs of users.


The appearance of the back of the ViewPad97i S1

The ViewPad 97i S1 is equipped with Intel's 'Atom' N2600 speed dual-core processor. The processor uses an advanced dual-core, four-thread design. The processor is clocked at up to 1.6GHz X2. It can efficiently handle the processing of four threads simultaneously. Performance increased by 200%. In addition, the 32nm manufacturing process allows the processor's maximum thermal design power consumption of only 3.5W, lower power consumption and lower power consumption.


Complete interface


Equipped with two USB3.0 interfaces

The interface, ViewPad 97i S1 is equipped with HDMI high-definition output, 2 USB ports, headphones, 3G card slot, TF card slot and other rich interfaces, users can easily connect the mouse and keyboard, mobile storage, 3G network card, high-definition display devices, etc.; , ViewPad97i S1 is built-in 2 USB3.0 interface, has a more rapid transmission speed, is more than 10 times the traditional USB2.0, giving users a better tablet experience and improve the efficiency of the use of the tablet.

Having a strong installation device will make our installation process easier and faster. Well, not much to say, then with Xiaobian together to start 'installation' \u0026 rdquo;

The first step: production and installation of U disk

As the saying goes: 'If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools.' 'Using U disk to install Win8, before the official installation of Win8, it is natural to make an installation U disk. There are many softwares available for us to create Win8 U disk, such as UltraISO, Windows 8 USB Installer Maker, universal U disk boot disk production tool, etc. Here, we choose to use UltraISO; the installation image is just released. Win8 Simplified Chinese retail version.

Needed tools:

Windows 8 Installation Image (ISO)


4G U disk

ViewPad97i S1 Tablet PC

Production steps:


Connect U disk to open UltraISO

1. Open the UltraISO by connecting the U disk that you want to make the Win8 installation disk to the computer.


Add installation image

2. Select your Win8 image in the local directory of the UltraISO bottom left corner; right click on the image file and select 'Add'.


Startup - Write a hard disk image

3. After the addition is complete, select 'Start' from the menu bar and select the 'Write disk image' option.


After selecting the U disk and writing mode

4. Open the Write \u0026ldquo; Write HDD Mirror \u0026rdquo; window and everyone must pay attention. After the U disk is connected to the computer, it will be automatically identified and selected in the 'hard disk drive'. If you have connected other devices, please select the drive letter corresponding to the U disk you want to create in the drop-down list. The writing method is USB-HDD or USB-HDD+. After the selection is completed, click 'Write'.


The prompt will be cleared at the beginning

5. After the selection will prompt the software will clear this U disk data, everyone please make appropriate backup to prevent the occurrence of tragedy.


Production began to wait patiently

6. UltraISO will automatically start to create the boot disk after the selection. This process will be longer, and the specific time will be determined by the write speed of your U disk. Waiting for the progress bar to go to the bottom, even if our Win8 U disk was created, we just clicked a few mouse clicks.

After the U disk is installed and installed, the next step is the formal installation procedure. \u0026nbsp;

The second step: start the formal installation

The installation of the system is slightly more complicated than the installation steps of the installation disk, but it is not difficult to follow the steps of the small series. Before the official installation, Xiaobian first asked everyone a question: What is the most needed for installing Windows on the X86 tablet? Answer: USB interface. That's right, because in addition to connecting the U disk when installing the system, at least an external keyboard and mouse are required.


Powerful USB extension line

And we use the ViewPad97i S1 just with two USB 3.0 interfaces, not only to ensure that we successfully installed this Win8, but also to meet our daily external keyboard, mouse and other USB devices. In addition to its own interface, the machine's box is also equipped with an extension cable that adds four USB ports. As a result, five USB ports are sufficient to meet all of our daily development needs.


USB expansion without pressure

Since the ViewPad97i S1 machine itself supports 5 touches, we do not need to attach a mouse during installation, and it is very convenient. However, we need to enter the BIOS before installation to change the boot mode to 'start from the USB', and the BIOS does not support touch operation, so we also need to connect the keyboard to set.

BIOS startup settings:

1. First connect the U disk and keyboard to the ViewPad97i S1, then press and hold the power button to boot. Wait until the screen shows the ViewSonic LOGO quickly and continuously click on the keyboard 'F2' or 'Del' to enter the BIOS setup interface.


Hard Drive BBS Priorities first changed to U disk


The first item of Boot is also changed to U disk

2. After entering the BIOS, select 'Hard Drive BBS Priorities' in the 'Boot', and select the first item as 'USB\u0026times;\u0026times;\u0026times;' and press ESC to return; then the 'Boot Option' is displayed. The selection in #1\u0026rdquo; is "USB\u0026times;\u0026times;\u0026times;\u0026rdquo;, and it can be returned after the selection is completed (it can be selected after connecting the U disk).


Save and exit after setting

3. After the setting is complete, click on "ESC" or select the first item in the "Save\u0026Exit" option and wait for the machine to restart.

After the tablet restarts, it will automatically enter the Windows 8 installation interface. Next we can proceed with the formal installation.

installation steps:


Chinese users do not need to adjust

1. After entering the Windows 8 installation interface, you must first set the language, time, currency format, and input method for the installation. However, since most users use Chinese, no adjustments are made to the default Chinese language.


Enter the appropriate version of the installation key

2. Enter the key corresponding to the installation image and click Next (Note: The key should be searched by itself. Please be sure to use the key of the corresponding version, otherwise the installation will not work). Next, the 'License Terms' window will pop up. Select '\u0026ldquo;Accept Agreement' and click Next.


Two installation options are available

3. Next will pop up the official installation system menu, there will be two options to choose \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; upgrade and custom installation. Next, explain the difference between the two upgrade modes for everyone, and everyone can choose from their own needs.

Upgrade: Keep the original system settings, personal files, and applications and want to be overwritten. After the installation, Win8 will create a folder named 'Windows.old' under the installed drive letter. Your related settings and documents can be viewed here.

Custom installation: You need to clear everything in your computer; you want to install multiple systems; there is no operating system on your computer; for some reason you need to reinstall it.


Pay attention to backup before installation

4. Because this machine does not have any built-in system, so we choose the second 'custom installation'. After the selection will pop up the partition interface, because the fuselage capacity is only 32G, so we only have to do some formatting operation on it. Friends need to be partitioned, please click 'Develop' after formatting, in the pop-up window, enter the size of the space you want to split, such as points 20G, please enter 20,000.


Officially started installation

5. Installing, please be patient \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip;


Wait for the installation to complete

6. After the installation is completed, unplug the U disk and restart the machine (at this time, the machine will automatically choose to boot from the hard disk).

The third step: the installation is completed and set

After a long installation process, can you begin to experience Windows 8? No, the system will be set by the user for the first time after the installation is complete, so that everyone can operate according to their personal usage habits.


Select theme color and device name

1. The first is personalization. Everyone needs to choose the theme color and the name of the tablet.


Connect to a wireless network

2. The next step is wireless connection setup. Select the wireless network you want to connect to. Click Enter password to go to the next step.


Optional login with Microsoft account

3. Log in to your Microsoft account to facilitate the installation of the app store software. Friends who do not have an account can choose to register below. Of course, they can choose to skip this step without using a Microsoft account.


You can also log in using a local account

4. Select skipped friends to set a flat login password here. Friends who do not want to use a password can enter the user name and click Finish.


Saving your settings

5. After the selection is complete, Win8 will apply your settings and save it. Please be patient \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip;


Set up to finish the experience

6. Set up and officially begin to experience the new Win8 operating system! \u0026nbsp;

ViewSonic ViewPad97i S1 Win8 experience

After an installation process of about half an hour, the Windows 8 operating system we dreamed of was finally installed. Next, we invite you to experience Win8 with Xiaobian to give us different operating experience.


Can't pull menu from border

In Win8, a large number of touch gestures for the tablet are added. For example, sliding inward from different sides of the screen corresponds to different use functions: the right side is inward to open the function menu; the left side is inward to switch to the most recently opened. The program and so on. However, when used on the ViewPad97i S1, it is difficult for us to use this gesture successfully. After observation, it was found that the finger in touch can only use the same function as the mouse, and it is necessary to place the finger at the edge of the screen to operate, rather than swiping from the frame.


Windows UI interface

This one-by-one small grid interface has been Microsoft's 'magazine,' and the simple point of application is the icon. This interface is used in both the Windows Media Center and the Zune player. The biggest difference between this interface and the iOS and Android interfaces is that the latter two are mainly applications, and the Metro interface emphasizes information. In itself, rather than redundant interface elements. In terms of visual effects, this icon will make us feel more concise and comfortable, and not less cluttered than other platforms.


Does not support Flash

Two IE10 browsers are built in Win8, one for the desktop and one for the Windows UI interface. Compared with previous versions, IE10 browser performance has improved significantly, and hardware acceleration, data processing speed, and web page page opening speed have all improved. However, IE10 under the Windows UI interface only supports HTML5 web page standards and cannot play Flash.

Due to the heat dissipation problem, it is normal for the X86 architecture tablet to cause the body heat to increase during long working hours. However, when the ViewPad97i S1 is used for about half an hour, it will feel very hot on the back of the body, and it may even be a little hot, which will greatly affect the user's experience when holding the hand.

Experience summary:

In fact, Win8 operating system hardware requirements for the product is not very high, so the use of 'Atom' mobile processor chip ViewPad97i S1 running Win8 is relatively smooth, but because the N2600 was listed earlier, so the overall The operating experience is still somewhat inadequate.


X86 Tablet installation Win8 explain

After experiencing the embarrassing situation of "X86 Tablet" and "Wonderful, Don’t Love", with the release of the official version of Win8, the Tablet product of ViewSonic’s X86 architecture has finally ushered in a new dawn. Win8's full-featured experience will undoubtedly bring new vitality to it, but we can see its good future from the future development trend of Win8.

The Microsoft Windows 8 operating system brings a whole new touch experience, and revolutionary changes have made Windows 8 have a unique touch operation experience. The appearance of Windows8 makes the tablet application run more efficiently, the system wake-up time is greatly shortened, it is perfectly compatible with the original operating procedures, and the use is more convenient and the work is more efficient.



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