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9 Tips & Tricks The Pro's Use

2018.04.17 03:32

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We'd need more than two hands to count the many reasons why we love Microsoft OneDrive. Dropbox allows you to share files with non-Dropbox users. You can even get 1 TB of OneDrive storage space per person or up to 5 TB per household when you sign up for Office 365. Additionally, many business users who pay for content collaboration platforms are unaware that Microsoft is the only provider of a true hybrid solution—storing content either on-premises or in the cloud.

Alternatively, double click the OneDrive for Business shortcut icon on your desktop. Note that deleting them from this folder won't remove them from OneDrive if you have unlinked your account. If you have pictures within a folder on OneDrive, the thumbnail of that folder will cycle through the images inside.

In OneDrive for Business, click New, and then Excel Survey. If you download the desktop app it will create a folder in which you can drag and drop any file you like. Just remember you're only deleting them from your PC. The files will remain in the cloud available to download at any time.

In Figure 3, for example, you can see that the pop-up indicated that I am synchronizing the Posey Enterprises Team Site's shared documents. Apple's tightly sandboxed world makes it hard to share or move a file between apps. As an increasing number of organizations migrate to Office 365, OneDrive for Business will become a critical feature for admins and end-users to master.

From the Web, right click a file to get a shareable link (the link can allow people to view an item only, or you may allow editing privileges), send the link by email, or share directly in Facebook (if that social network is connected to your OneDrive account).

Step1: Sign in to OneDrive for Business. When files are downloaded automatically they are put in a temporary folder. The right-click menu will enable you to share, create a new folder or file, download if you're on another PC other than your usual, or create a photo album if the content contains images.

With OneDrive for Windows 10, you can easily sync all or specific files or folders between your PC and your cloud storage folders. Simply click File > See Revision History and a list on the right hand side will appear showing who made the revisions, the time and what happened.

OneDrive is a powerful tool for storing and syncing your key folders and files, both online and across all your devices. After hitting the OK button, OneDrive will sync only those selected folders. It is really easy to recover old Excel, Word and other document versions with the help of OneDrive.

Just like Dropbox, Google Drive allows you to download all your files and documents to your hard drive. If you are an administrator and your organization uses both Microsoft OneDrive Customer Service for Business and SharePoint Server 2010 or SharePoint Online, then this tip is for you.

Having worked in the SharePoint space for the past 10 years, it's easy to note the changes, the biggest shift being what is happening with Office 365. I've been using it for years and have shared many many large files using it. Background upload, which means that you don't have to have the app open all the time you uploading, is a big advantage as many other mobile cloud apps don't support this type of process.