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Considering Green Engineer Training In The Uk

2014.02.16 16:33

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In a nutshell, 'Green Energy' utilises natural resources such as sunlight, wind, tides and geothermal heat to provide our daily energy requirement. 'Green' basically means that all the energy is renewable. It is easy to think that we may be travelling back in time when we think of items such as wind power and windmills. But in the main, this is the process of utilising modern technology to provide eco-efficient and planet-friendly alternatives.

The home can use a range of new ideas to help with energy usage - including Solar Thermal and Solar Water Heating Collectors. For electricity created through roof-installed panels, you would need Photovoltaic Panels or PV's. Biomass Energy is the next phase, and this involves Fuel, Pellets, Stoves and Boilers burning Wood. What shouldn't be forgotten is the heat stored in the ground from the Sun - often simply referred to as Ground Source Heat Pumps. When we think about Wind Power and Hydropower we have two of the more common forms of energy generation.

Thermal Solar Energy Systems: Typically referred to as Solar Energy this is mainly made up of two types of Solar Panels - each using different methods to achieve similar results. Initially, there is the process of obtaining hot water from the Sun via Solar Water Heating Collectors. Then we have the work of the Photovoltaic Heat Collectors, often called Solar Electrical Panels - which transform solar radiation into electricity. Solar Panels themselves need to be away from all light blocks, and should be on south facing roofs at angles of 30 degrees from the horizontal plane.

With Solar Power being so common within the UK, it's Solar Water Power that is most often used. These systems are very efficient - and can deliver 50 percent of a household's hot water requirement annually. Getting a professional fitting will cost around 2-5k, however, doing the job yourself could make it as low as 500 to 1500 pounds in total.

Biomass Energy and 'Energy Crops' - In the modern world this now includes genetically engineered 'Energy Crops' - but it also takes in natural plant and animal substances. Considering its ability to produce energy in the form of heat and electricity, this type of energy is extremely flexible. It is interesting to note that the UK has some of the largest quantities of Biomass material to generate electricity within Europe. The lack of C02 given out by this form of energy is another positive element in the whole process. To that end, many wood crops come from sustainable sources (as one tree is felled, another is planted in its place; thus the new tree absorbs the CO2 produced during the heating process.)

'Energy Crops' trees such as Willow and Poplar play a major part in the process - under the banner of Short Rotation Coppice (SRC). Also producing high yields of dry matter are the perennial grasses. Other less known materials within this field are Agricultural and Municipal Waste. As a by-product, Agricultural Waste is simply part of the farming process. Of equal importance is Municipal Waste, which comes from recycyled wood and food.

Geo-Thermal Energy Technology: This is primarily the heating of the Earth (mainly from the sun) and can be utilised in electricity and warm water production. Within the UK, the constant ground source heat temperature is around 12 degrees centigrade - and can be utilised to both heat and cool buildings. With four units replaced for every one unit of energy used, these heat pumps are very effective. This system can go even further - if energy efficient items such as wind turbines or solar electrical panels are used.

Wind Energy - An Update On Old Technology: When you consider the milling of grain and pumping of water, it is easy to see how long wind energy has been with us. Whether to your home or to a local grid, when the energy has been generated it must be delivered to a point of usage - and cannot be stored. The UK is considered as one of the best sources of wind generation within Europe. For the fact remains that, within the UK, we have the ability to generate 10 percent of our requirement from Wind Production - as opposed to the current value of only 1 percent. Electricity can be produced from as little as 2p per kWh, but generally comes in somewhere between 2-10p per kWh. The financial recovery process takes around 6-9 months.

Hydropower is a method that suits the UK energy production system. The field of using moving water to release energy is a very old technique - albeit we now do this in new ways. That said, this type of energy can generate around 2 percent of the total electrical demand for the UK.

A hydropower system transforms the kinetic energy of the moving water into another type of energy by means of a turbine. It is by either water 'drop-offs', or Natural River runs, that turbines can work through this process. 'Micro-Hydro' however, uses the dam and sluice systems that have been made redundant by the larger national distributions. This smaller form of electrical output has been recently reviewed and could allocate some 200MW of capacity to the UK system. A micro-hydro system like this would be expected to cost between 200 and 3,000 pounds per kW of the energy.

'Green Energy' is growing - mainly due to the demands of the Western World. That said, the UK is well placed - especially in the domestic sector - to take full advantage of the items above.

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