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Java application development is not going anywhere! Till date, Java is a great choice for the business application developer’s team that have gained the expertise to develop and maintain business applications. Moreover, Java is an amazing platform for software vendors to develop various tools, utilities and various platforms like laaS, ECP and so on.
However, developing business applications using Java is quite tedious and difficult to carry out successfully. There is not doubt that Java Application development is a core part for many giant applications and platform, but for enterprise application development teams are planning to switch from Java to any other tools & technologies.
Here are the main reasons why enterprise application development teams should escape from Java
Java’s failure in Presentation Layer:
Java has never succeeded in the presentation layer, whether it is Swing or JavaFX, all of them are a failure. JSF on the other hand designed for pre-Ajax user interfaces. However, it required certain implementations like ICEfaces, which incorporates Ajax. A steady drift of user interface approaches clearly highlighting the lack of domination of Java in the presentation layer. And this is encouraging many enterprise app development teams to move on from using Java.
Java Frameworks reveal its flaws or glitches rather than its strengths:
Most of the current Java frameworks like Hibernate, Spring, Struts and others unveil Java’s flaws or glitches in them rather than proving its expertise or strength. This clearly indicates that a future platform should not require a harshness of framework to do a basic.
Business requirements are changing rapidly:
With every growing market, business requirements are changing rapidly, in fact at a much faster rate compared to the enhancements or improvements taken place in Java application development. This could be the main reason why Java could not be the first choice for developing enterprise level applications anymore.
Availability of more powerful and better platforms:
Today, there are plenty of new developer tools like Microsoft Lightswitch, WaveMaker and other conventional but advanced 4GL tools like Compuwave Uniface, Progress OpenEdge and so on that can be used for enterprise app development. Moreover, business rules platform, business process management and event processing platforms allow faster changes or modification by the enterprise software vendors like IBM, Progress, TIBCO and so on.
Same old Java policies by Oracle:
Oracle is focusing only on more features, more performance and more partnerships with the vendors, which are the same old & failed Java Policies, which is loosing the interest from the developers.
It is based on C++:
Well, all of you might be knowing that Java is based on C++. But some developers don’t consider it the best way to develop enterprise business applications.
Restricted development authoring:
There is no doubt that Java supports additional programming languages. You can create many programming languages using Java, but they all should be implementable in the underlying platform.
Due to these reasons, many enterprise application development teams have already started using a mixture of tools and technologies to get rid of complexity of Java application development. So, what do you think? Java is really a dead-lock for enterprise application development? Share your views with us.
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