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How To Increase A Slow PC Without Configure Your PC

2014.02.16 17:55

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Slow computers are a vast problem for millions of people throughoutthe World, causing many people to spend 0's on expensive improves eachmonth. It's a great problem which actually has one of the easiestsolutions that hardly anyone knows about.

The difficulty with slow computers is that they are generally caused bya part of your PC that hardly anyone knows about, called the'registry'. The registry is a very important part of your computerbecause it stores all the settings and options for your PC. It's bestdescribed as a big database which has 1,000's of important filesinside. Everything from your latest emails to your desktop wallpaperare kept in the registry, meaning that whenever you use your PC,Windows is constantly having to look inside it to get all sorts ofinformation for your computer.

Because the registry is so important, Windows constantly has 100's ofregistry files open each time you're on your PC. This is okay, but italso causes some of the most common problems for your computer, whichincludes it running slow. You see, with Windows having so many filesopen at once, it's regularly getting puzzled about which ones are savedwhere, leading it to save many of them in the wrong way. This makes thefiles corrupt and extremely difficult to read, forcing your computer tospend longer and longer trying to process them next time.

Over time, 1,000's of these corrupt files put up up inside the registrydatabase and end up slowing down your computer considerably. And theworst part is that the computer user (you and me) don't even know aboutit, because it's all happening "in the background". This means that inorder to make your computer speed up again, you just need to clean outall the damaged and corrupt files from the registry and to do this, youjust need to use a tool called a "registry cleaner".

Registry cleaners have been specifically designed to make the registryclean and reliable, speeding your computer up dramatically. They workby scanning every registry file, and if they find a damaged one, theywill attempt to fix it. The best registry cleaners will find and fixthe most corrupt files, meaning that you need to use one of thesecleaners if you want to make your computer run much faster.

If you can use a cleaner which removes all the broken registry filesfrom your PC, you can make your computer run like new because new computers run fast as they don't have any corrupt registry files to make them run slow. For more information the best registry cleaner .
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