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2019.05.23 16:30

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For beginners and professionals alike New Yorks intense activities centers offer tandem advances and accelerated free fall programs (AFF). The real pleasure of over a minutes freefall accompanied by an easy descent on square parachutes makes the experience the one that you'd prefer to repeat over and over again.

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New Yorks severe sports stores provide combination jumps and AFF programs that allow you to discover the love that's skydiving.

For beginners and professionals alike New Yorks extreme sports stores offer combination jumps and accelerated free fall plans (AFF). To get a different perspective, consider taking a glance at: open in a new browser. The pure pleasure of over a minutes freefall followed by a smooth descent on square parachutes makes the experience the one that you'd like to repeat over and over again.

Skydive Long island

This severe sports center is situated East of New York City at Calverton, New York. A first tandem jump costs $225 and it's cheaper to jump on weekdays. The AFF system costs $175 per jump. Group rates are cheaper with as much as $15 off per jumper in a group of 10-14. Consider having your jumps recorded on tape or on DVD and revive the jump again and again.

Getting There

When approaching from the North select the Long Island Expressway (495E) and take 69 to the Exit, Wading River Rd. Travel North to Grumman Blvd. Here you need to take a right turn and travel still another 1.5 miles. A bright white and blue skydive signal having an arrow may signal that you are almost there. There is a guard unit on the left. Follow the signposts and you will arrive at Skydive Long Island.

Skydive The Ranch

Dealing with Skydive The Ranch is simple as you can drive right down to 45 Sandhill Road, Gardiner or get a bus from the Port Authority Bus terminal at New York City to New Paltz from where in fact the Extreme sports center is a small cab drive away. If you are driving down from New York then just take the NY Thruway (I-87) and get off at Exit 17 for Newburgh-Stewart Airport. Take a right turn following the toll booth and move forward on Rt.300 North until the Rt. 300 and Rt.32 intersection where you become Rt. 32 and travel until you turn left into Rt.44/55West. A short drive will take you to Gardiner. Drive past the Fire House and turn right at Sand Hill Road. Skydive The Ranch is all about 1/4th distance down the driveway.

Jumps and More

Tandem jumps are valued $185 and the cost of successive jumps goes down. Class rates are available for weekdays and there are also specific early chicken rates. Dig up further on our affiliated use with - Navigate to this URL: close window. The Comprehensive Instructor Assisted Freefall (IAF) program is supposed for folks who have completed 3 tandem gets and is valued at$135 and once successfully completed allows the person to jump solo. The Ranch ProShop is a great place to look for souvenirs and for skydiving equipment..

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