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There were so many embarrassing questions that the government seemed to be right. It would not be too much to say that it was a parliamentary audit without substance. Most baseball fans who watched this scene in real time were furious.

Baseball team coach Sun Dong-yeol and Vice President Lee Hae-young of the Korea Baseball Soft Ball Association attended the National Assembly`s Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee meeting room in Yeouido, Seoul on Wednesday afternoon.

Witnesses, including Sun, were questioned by members of the committee for two hours from 3 p.m. Several lawmakers, including Rep.

In the wake of the press conference held on April 4, Sun Dong-yeol, the director of the National Assembly, said his opinion, "I should have been questioned beyond that. Sun also expressed his disapproval of the lawmakers' attacks during the questioning process. The low standards of lawmakers who are not familiar with baseball and the poor responses of the head of the national team raised the anger of baseball fans instead of clearing away the suspicions raised.
The National Assembly might have been interested in the selection of players for the national baseball team ahead of the Asian Games. However, the ongoing controversy over the selection of the national team is not an issue that can be resolved at once by the director being a witness at the parliamentary audit. In the end, however, director Sun Dong-yeol served as the director of the National Assembly's audit, and only asked questions about what he had already said in a press conference.

사설토토사이트추천 Rep. Kim showed the manager Sun the records of the players A and B. A hit rate of 91 hits in 334 times at bat was 0.277 91 hits (8 homers), 39 RBIs and 11 strikeouts, respectively 11 strikeouts, WAR 2.16, and B had a batting average of 0.37 176 hits. The data presented by Kim included Oh Ji-hwan (LG), and Kim Sun-bin (KIA).

Based on this, Kim appears to have tried to induce the coach to answer "B" as a better player, which was a record last year. This was related to the record of this season, which was a reference during the selection process of the Asian Games team. Director Sun Dong-yeol, who was asked, could not hide his expression of amazement.It is true that there have been problems in the selection process, but it is not right to approach it this way. Oh and Kim did not compete for the upcoming Asian Games, and Kim Sun-bin won the KBO Golden Globes title last year. It is also problematic that he appeared at the audit session with a time record that was not related to the selection of the Asian Games team, but it is even more difficult to understand why he made a simple comparison because he has the same position. If he wanted to cite records to point out the problems of running for the Asian Games, he should have presented records of several players this season. 

Sohn Hye-won, a lawmaker of the Minjoo Party of Korea, said, There are only two decisions that Sun will make from now on. Apologize or resign, don`t say you won the Asian Games thanks to your confidence in choosing a player. I don't think the victory was that difficult," he said.

Sohn said, "We don't play our role faithfully as a former coach." "It is better to watch five games on TV at the same time," Sun said, but it was no use. Sohn also raised his voice by saying, "Are you receiving 200 million won without even going to work?" and "Don't you get paid without limit?" In response, manager Sun Dong-yeol said, "Fair fees are not unlimited."

Like many professional sports events such as soccer, several teams often play at the same time. In addition, baseball has no fixed time for the game, so if it gets longer, it can last more than five hours. For Sun, who needs to check the batting performance and pitching conditions of as many players as possible, it is more efficient to watch as many games as possible on TV or smartphone. In a way, it can be more helpful to find a player like the pearl hiding.