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2017.10.22 19:38

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We know that a surgery or procedure is a big event for you and your child. Children are encouraged to take a book home with them to keep, to help develop a love of reading at an early age. Join the Peter Pan Birthday Club and select The University of Maryland Children's Hospital as your donation organization. We would love to hand deliver each gift, but due to strict privacy policies at these hospitals, we are unable to. We have to let the nurses represent Pages for Children, Inc.

For all books that can be donated to The Book Fairies, please contact us at: info@ or call: 516-557-6645 to arrange a date to drop the books at our Freeport warehouse. Children in hospital need the support of a parent or a very close family member. Because babies are just learning to make sense of the world they can become very unsettled if different people are caring for them and doing things differently from what they are used to.

You can play with your child at the hospital. While we can't prevent these children from having to stay in the hospital, we can make that stay a more positive and a less boring experience. Action for Sick Children also produces free leaflets to prepare your child for hospital.

For a great selection to help siblings cope with a brother's or sister's hospitalization, check out My Brother Needs an Operation , which includes a hospital diary and activity pages. A family member or friend can be with your child during visiting hours if you must be away from the hospital or need a break.

You can arrange to visit the ward or department when you know which one your child will be going to. You can contact them directly and the staff will be happy to arrange a visit or tell you about any pre-admission clinics they organise. Miller Children's knows that a child's work is play.

We have authors that write in other genres as well, but we find that children's books can be the most effective for self-pubbed authors to get events," says Julie Schoerke, founder of JKS Communications, a literary publicity firm that worked with traditionally published authors for years before adding self-published authors to its stable.

Children's Mercy Hospitals & Clinics ranked number 4 in Parents' 10 Best Children's Hospitals for Orthopedic Care. Even though I have slightly less than zero recreational reading time these days, I borrowed this fat hardcover book from the library last week. The International Children's Digital Library hopes to make available to children's hospitals around the world a subset of its collection.

There are many good children's books about hospitals. Going to the Hospital -This is another wonderful children's book, appropriate for ages 4 to 8. It's bright and cheery and takes some of the fear out of a child's impending hospital visit. Akron Children's Reach Out and Read program is supported entirely by funding from outside sources.